Stop Working, revisited PLUS End of Watch: Sept. 2013 Into Controversy

I said, “Stop working.” Didn’t you get it?

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow columnist Valerie Van Brocklin—whom I respect, by the way—after my last column, entitled Stop Working. I also received several emails, a hand-full of phone calls, dozens of face-to-face conversations at seminars and scores of comments on and the Facebook pages of both Law Officer and the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar. And I learned a lot by both listening to and reading their opinions.

Upcoming Calibre Seminars
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Clothes Make the Officer
Millions of dollars have been spent over the years to continually improve athletic clothing, shoes and gear to maximize overall athlete performance and safety. …
By Eric Dickinson
Officer Safety & High-Visibility Garments
Law enforcement has many long-standing traditions that keep us safe and respected in our communities. But traditions do evolve, albeit slowly. Example: The semi-automatic pistol was invented before 1900, but the …
By Pat Tobin News of Watch: Sept. 2013
By Dale Stockton

Now nine months through 2013, the line of duty death toll stands at 79 with 13 of those dying during September. This past month has been the second deadliest of the year, equaling the combined total of July and August. …
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LifeLine Training & Calibre Press
A Reply to My Critics
By Jim Glennon

The Stop Working article, while focusing on the NYPD controversy, was meant to point out a collective cultural shift that’s occurring in big cities, rural counties and small towns alike: the accepted and uncontested belief is that proactive police work is really motivated by the need to subjugate citizens, assert power over the powerless and/or devalue others based on race, creed, sexual orientation, etc.

Not surprisingly, almost completely absent from the conversation is the actual truth. …
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Below 100: Tip of the Week you’re doing a field sobriety test on the side of the road, position the suspect so you can keep an eye on approaching traffic. If you have a cover officer, agree on a word that can be shouted in the event that you need to dive out of the way. Plan ahead—it could save your life.


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