Stop Transit Cuts

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Transportation for Washington
Hi , —

Sweet success! Last week your emails helped pass two amendments that improved the proposed transportation revenue package in committee.The Committee approved $550 million more for transit and safe streets. Now we have to send the message to all legislators that now is the time to support a transportation bill that includes state support and local funding options for King County Metro/Pierce Transit/Community Transit/ transit, safe streets, and cleaning up toxic runoff.

We want legislators to pass this bill to prevent major cuts to weekend and evening bus service. The legislative session ends on Sunday. Your legislators need to hear from you today! Please email today to support transit and safe streets funding.

A fully loaded bus can take up to 90 cars off our roads when they are most congested.If the legislature doesn’t invest in transit, our roads will be even more clogged and that means more time in traffic instead of time doing what you love.Legislators need to know that there is support for transit, walking, biking, and cleaning up polluted runoff before they will pass this bill. Please show your support now.

Email your legislator today >>>

Thank you for all that you do.


Brock Howell & Kate Whiting
Field Team
Transportation for Washington


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