January Newsletter

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January 22, 2013


January Newsletter
Greetings! As 2013 began, a wave of new taxes socked middle class Americans-especially seniors. According to the Tax Policy Center, middle-class taxpayers will pay an average of $2,711 more while those earning between $200,000 and $500,000 will pay an average of $1,784 more. Also, sad to say, President Barack Obama is not addressing any meaningful tax reform or working with Republicans who have offered plans and legislation to protect and save Social Security and Medicare.

Obamacare will also boost your insurance premiums this year and- get this!- the president claims his unpopular law even gives doctors the right to question patients about guns in their homes and report that information to the federal government. That’s outrageous, and it is hard to believe that the courts would ultimately allow such an assault to stand on our privacy and liberty.

Speaking of the issue of guns, the president and his left-wing allies in Congress are moving full speed ahead on legislation that would ban several categories of legal firearms, register ammunition purchases and even register guns you already own. Large segments of the mainstream media are chiming in on this anti-Second Amendment propaganda campaign. Indeed, all too many liberal journalists and pundits blame law-abiding gun owners for the violent actions of criminals and the mentally ill.

The American Seniors Association has stood for adherence to constitutional principles since its founding, and we shall not waver. Many of our members are legal gun owners, especially those who hunt and/or keep firearms for home protection. My longtime friend Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association is correct when he declares that now is the time "to fight freedom’s enemies." He’s right that we must make our schoolchildren safer with armed security, and that we have to fight the president and those in Congress who are trying to undermine our sacred constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The American Seniors Association hopes you’ll take time to contact the White House and your members of Congress and tell them to oppose these radical gun control proposals. We also intend to launch a Second Amendment seniors’ project to assist in this fight, so keep an eye on our website for future details.


Phil Kent
Chief Executive Officer
American Seniors Association

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