Are you nervous? (we are!)


Transportation for Washington
t4-homeslide-ivotedHi — —

We’re all nervous with anticipation. With the ballots arriving last week, the ability of you and your neighbors to rely on a bus to get around town is now entirely in the hands of the voters.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us in voting YES on Proposition 1 to save Pierce Transit!

In addition to Proposition 1, we also know that who becomes the next governor will have a big impact on whether we have a champion for walking, biking, and transit.

We did our best to make sure both Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna know that making sure all people have an equal opportunity to prosperity starts with families’ ability to get to a job affordably. Now it’s time to elect one of them into office.

If you need any information about where Inslee and McKenna stand on transportation, visit our library of information on our blog.

We want to thank you for voting.

In the old days, when you went to the voting booth, you got an "I voted" sticker." But since all voting is now by mail, we no longer get those nifty stickers that we’d wear proudly all day. So, we have a new way to thank you.

Add your own "I VOTED" sticker to your Facebook profile picture >>

It’s super easy and will help encourage other people to vote too.

And now that you’ve voted, tell your next leaders exactly what transportation infrastructure you want.

Get Creative. We’d love some pictures, like you pointing at your favorite crosswalk, bike lane, bus driver, or light rail station. Or point out a pothole you want fixed or a subway you want built. And when you do, include an "I VOTED" sign in the photo.

Email us the photo and a short message about what you want (send to action), and we’ll post it to our blog and send it to the next governor after the election. Get more details about submitting a photo and message >>

Let’s have some fun.

Happy voting!

Carrie Dolwick, Campaign Director
Brock Howell, Field Director
Transportation For Washington

P.S. Volunteer with the Proposition 1 campaign. Click here to sign up.

P.S.S. This is Brock’s "I VOTED" sticker on his Facebook profile. Get yours!



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