October is Transit Month – Mobility

October is Transit Month

Downtown On the Go is celebrating Transit Month which was started in 2011 as a way to celebrate and promote transit riding just like bike month. With weather changing in October, and bike riding becoming more difficult, it makes it the perfect time to give transit a try and get ready for the winter-weather months. Downtown On the Go offers assistance in navigating schedules and riding the bus, incentives to try it, and rewards for current riders.

To help celebrate Transit Month, each week Pierce Transit will highlight a benefit of transit in our community!

Transit Benefit – Week 1
Mobility – Regular transit and paratransit services for people with disability provide mobility for many Pierce County residents who have no other transportation options. Pierce Transit provides nearly half million annual trips for people with disability – providing mobility to them to go to their appointments and grocery shopping.

Other activities you can engage in:
You can also participate in many Transit Month activities through our partnership program with Downtown On the Go! Below are just a few activities they have organized for the month.

Try the Bus with DOTG
Thursday, October 11, 7:00am
Meet at the Tacoma Community College Park and Ride at 7:00am and take one of many downtown Tacoma routes to 10th and commerce – find your connection to regional transit services.

Bus to Lunch in Proctor
Tuesday October 23, 11:50am
Meet at 9th and Broadway (neary Tully’s) at 11:50am and you will take route 16 to the Proctor District at Noon and return by 1:15pm.

Grab Your Friends and try the Bus
Any time – Any Bus Downtown Route!
Groups of 3 or more can choose their own destination to ride with an expert host and receive the free bus Pass. Just Contact DOTG!

RSVP for Events – 253-682 – 1739
Visit DowntownOnTheGo.org to learn more

Click the picture to learn More about Pierce Transit Proposition 1

learn more about proposition 1 here



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