Fix this mess! Speak up for transit, biking, and walking.

Tell Governor Gregoire to give transit, walking, biking, and road repair its fair share.

Sign the petition and speak up!



Wow, Congress passed a transportation bill this month. I know, we can barely believe it too. So how did transportation choices fare in the final deals? Not so good. But before you give up hope, there is something you can do to fix the mess.

Congress shrunk the federally dedicated sources for walking and biking by one-third and adopted a transit policy that potentially takes away millions of dollars from Sound Transit and King County Metro in the transportation bill MAP-21.

But Governor Gregoire has the power to fix the proportions of federal funding that will go to walking, biking, transit, and road repair in a transparent process. And she has until September 1 to make it happen. Transportation for Washington, TCC’s joint campaign with Futurewise has put together a petition to let the Governor know that we want a transparent process that gets a fair share for walking, biking, transit, and road repair.

Help us get 1,000 online petitions to the Governor. Sign our petition >>

Thanks for talking this important action to help us balance transportation funding for choices.


Carrie Dolwick
Policy Director
Transportation Choices

P.S. Fixing the state’s allocation of the federal transportation funding is a first step toward broader state transportation policy reform. We need state transportation budgets and packages that are transparent balanced. If we can fix the federal allocation, we can fix the other problems too. Help us get there. Sign the petition >>

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