2 Things you can do to save your bus

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The Restore Transit Now Campaign has begun! At the kickoff we had dozens of elected officials and many Pierce County residents who are passionate about transit attend the event at the Hub.

A big thank you to all of you who made it to the kickoff event and showed your support for transit in Pierce County.

Over the next coming months talking with community members and reminding voters what is at stake will be incredibly important. You can help in two easy ways!

Show your support by right now by donating $25, $50, $100, or $200. Every little bit helps the campaign to get the word out about what is at stake if Proposition 1 fails. There are options to donate monthly through our online donation form for those interested in making continual small gifts.

Donate >>

Or sign up to volunteer with the campaign. The campaign will need help with calling voters, knocking on doors, and talking with community members.

Sign Up to Volunteer >>

Since the kickoff event, the campaign has been hard at work talking with the community about the value of transit. Many have responded by supporting the campaign. Endorsements from local organizations include the Pierce Transit bus drivers (ATU 758), Pierce Conservation Voters as well as Tacoma City Councilmember Jake Fey, Gig Harbor Councilmember Derrick Young, former Tacoma Mayor Bill Baarsma and many more.

These endorsers know a lot is at stake with Proposition 1. If the ballot measure fails this November, it means an additional 38% cuts in transit service. That would mean no weekend bus service, no shuttle paratransit service, routes being eliminated, and limited weekday service for commuters. If Proposition 1 passes Pierce Transit will restore transit service lost in the last year.

Let’s make sure to take advantage of this second chance to restore Pierce Transit service in our community. Show your support by donating, signing up to volunteer, or doing both.

A big thanks again from the Restore Transit Now team

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Paid for by the Restore Transit Now PAC, PO Box 735, Tacoma, WA 98401.

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One Response to 2 Things you can do to save your bus

  1. This is a great campaign… every city could use something like it 🙂 It seems like public transit is being cut back everywhere.


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