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Transportation for Washington
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We all want great communities where we have the freedom to walk, bike, or ride transit to where we need to go.

Unfortunately, for decades our state transportation system prioritized building new roads without paying for basic maintenance. And despite record demand for public transit, millions of struggling families face barriers to getting to work, school, and the doctor due to major under investment in a balanced transportation system.

We deserve better. That’s why we’re building a people-powered coalition of thousands of individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Own a business? Run an organization? Endorse the campaign >>

We need decision-makers in Olympia to craft a forward-looking transportation investment plan that gives all Washingtonians the freedom to get around safely and affordably.

To build the political pressure necessary to make that happen, we’ve built a diverse coalition that includes groups like AARP Washington, Climate Solutions, Downtown Seattle Association, Earth Ministry, One America, SEIU 775NW, Washington CAN!, Washington Environmental Council, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, and the Washington State Labor Council. So far we 91 organizations and businesses, nearly 100 elected officials, and more than 7,000 people are part of our movement.[1] That’s pretty amazing.

But it’s going to take every single business, union, church, and neighborhood association we can connect with in order to change the dynamics in Olympia. And that’s why we are asking you to endorse our three policy principles of:

  • Fix-it First,
  • More transit, and
  • Build great healthy communities.[2]

Do you know of an organization or business that should endorse the campaign? Help us expand our coalition.

Click here to endorse >>
Click here to send an email to someone who should endorse >>

Together we can transform state transportation.


Carrie Dolwick, Campaign Director
Brock Howell, Field Director

P.S. An endorsement is an affirmation that the organization or business agrees with Transportation for Washington’s three policy principles. There are many ways to plug into the campaign, but this is not obligate the organization to additional responsibilities.[2] Click here to endorse the campaign >>

[1] See our full list of coalition partners.
[2] Read a longer explanation about our policy principles.

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