Ask Congress to Pass a Transportation Bill

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As we make our way through the conference negotiations and the latest extension of the Surface Transportation Authorization Bill we need your help. Each day that passes puts us one day closer to expiration, and we cannot let federal funding lapse.

Whether you are a a rider or supporter you know the importance of stable, long-term, federal funding. We cannot plan for our futures if we are uncertain about funding sources. We need to make it our mission to educate our federal elected officials about the importance of passing a long-term bill.

I am asking each of you as a supporter of public transportation to reach out to your elected officials in Washington and tell them we need them to approve an authorzation bill and send it to the president before the current law expires at the end of June.

  • Send a letter! Don’t know where to start, visit where you can find a template letter to email directly to Congress.
  • Call them! (202) 224-3121 is the number of the general switchboard – call it and ask to speak to your representative.

We need everyone to act now and make contact. This is vital to our nationwide transportation network, economy and country. Also please visit to see if your elected officials have been named as a conferee. It is especially important we reach out to these individuals.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Michael P. Melaniphy
President & CEO
American Public Transportation Association

American Public Transportation Association • 1666 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006



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