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April 26, 2012

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April Newsletter

It is incredible to hear the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius say that it would "probably" be a good idea for the agency to have a backup plan in case the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the health care law. Yet she admits the department isn’t working on one. What a dereliction of duty to the people!

The American Seniors Association joins a legion of patriotic and constitutional groups hoping and praying that the Supreme Court strikes down the law in its entirety because of its unconstitutionality. A ruling that will affect every American could come by June. Yet Sebelius says "We will eventually, I’m sure, have a plan but that really isn’t where time and energy is focused right now."

Why isn’t the Obama administration preparing to unveil alternative health care proposals when a public policy issue of this magnitude is the subject of a lawsuit by 26 states and others? The president has nothing to offer except for continually defending his unpopular high-tax, big-government law. Democrats in Congress, with few exceptions, have no new ideas except to defend the president’s health care law and go along with the waivers that favor union bosses, the AARP and other friends in support of the law. (If there are waivers to protect these favored special interests from harm, what does that say about the law in general?)

At least the Republicans in Congress have come up with several solution-oriented health care approaches that will restore the private doctor-patient relationship while holding down costs and improving services. They aren’t perfect, but they are an example of courage in the face of partisan and media criticism.They constitute a genuine example of leadership.

Let’s remember during the upcoming election season that candidates for president and Congress are expected to present workable plans to help people.

Aside from the health care mess, it must also be noted that the trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds have issued a fresh and dire warning about the solvency of these programs.The Wall Street Journal points out that:

  • The Social Security disability trust fund will run out of money in 2016, two years earlier than projected a year ago.
  • The Social Security trust fund that goes mainly to retirees will be exhausted in 2036, two years earlier than projected last year.
  • If the funds are combined, they would be exhausted by 2033.
  • The ratio of workers paying Social Security taxes per Social Security beneficiary continues to fall. It will hit 2.8 workers per beneficiary in 2012, down from 3.4 in 2000.

Various Republican leaders from presidential candidate Mitt Romney to U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, R-WI, are to be commended for unveiling a wide range of policy reform proposals aimed at saving and preserving these programs. That’s why the American Seniors Association calls on President Barack Obama and congressional Democrat leaders to wake up and begin offering some viable, bipartisan solutions to address our bleak Social Security and Medicare future.

As always, thanks for your support in ASA!


Phil Kent
Chief Executive Officer
American Seniors Association

Preventing Road Rage: A Q&A with Liberty Mutual’s Dave Melton
"Every day, thousands of drivers experience some form of road rage or aggressive driving," says Dave Melton, Transportation Safety Specialist at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety. Melton offers steps for avoiding a road rage situation-or getting away from it safely.

You’re being tailgated by someone who is wildly gesticulating and honking the horn. What do you do?

Put on your turn signal, pull over in a safe place and let the other car pass. Do it quickly, before the angry driver has time to become even more upset.Give a courteous "I’m sorry" wave-even if you feel you’re not at fault. An apology can often help defuse anger.

What should you do if the other driver continues to follow?

Stay calm. Don’t make any rude hand gestures. Avoid eye contact. And don’t speed up to try to get away. Quickly find a busy gas station to turn into or, better still, a police station-anywhere with people around to help. Above all, don’t go home (you don’t want the other driver to know where you live), and don’t get out of your car until it’s safe.

How do you avoid enraging other drivers?

Signal your intentions early. When you merge, make sure you have plenty of room. Don’t cut people off. Use the left lane for passing, and then pull back into the right lane. Driving slowly in the left lane on the freeway is a sure way to anger other drivers and compromise your safety. Stay focused, which means not making phone calls or texting. And never pull out into traffic expecting that other drivers will slow down or swerve to avoid you.

How do you avoid becoming a "road rager "yourself?

Don’t take it personally. If someone cuts you off, let it go. Driving is not a contest. Turn down the loud music. And avoid raising your heart rate by giving yourself more time to get to your destination.

VISIT for additional tips on preventing and dealing with road rage.

As a member of the American Seniors Association, you are eligible for a discount on your auto, homeowners and renters insurance through the convenience of electronic fund transfer or direct billing at home with Liberty Mutual.

For more information about this program visit us at or call 888-373-1151.

©2012 Liberty Mutual Group. All rights reserved.


ASA Introduces Dell Member Purchase Program to Members!

During the month of April, ASA members will enjoy a discount of 25% off market value on all Inspiron Desktops and Notebooks. This special offer will be available by phone only at 1-866-864-1389.

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The stress of caring for an elderly loved one can be overwhelming…or not

Aging with Grace relieves caregiver stress with resources and support

  • We educate caregivers so they understand all of their options.
  • We coordinate the search for appropriate services in your area
  • We facilitate connections to needed services with exclusive member discounts

Aging with Grace proudly offers a comprehensive eldercare assistance program that places resources and support just a click or a phone call away.Members can access online resources 24/7.For personalized help they can call our experienced Eldercare Advisors, who provide compassionate guidance and clear answers to the complex questions and challenges of eldercare.

Aging with Grace helps veterans and their families nationwide

Do you know about this veterans benefit?

If you served your country or are a surviving veteran or a surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for a rate used veterans benefit. The Non-Service Connected Disability Pension Benefit, also known as the "Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit", provides additional monthly income up to $2,019 to supplement low/no income veterans and since, surviving spouses. It also provides assistance for recurring, out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The Aging with Grace Self-Help Guide tells how to apply for the benefit:

This comprehensive 18-page Self-Help Guide is based on 8 years of research and provides the most current and accurate information available. It includes the necessary forms and takes the guesswork out of preparing a well-developed claim. The VA Aid & Attendance Self-Help Guide is available for immediate download from the Aging with Grace website at the low price of $24.95.

"Our mission is to educate, coordinate, and facilitate individualized eldercare options one family at a time."

Click Here to access exclusive ASA member pricing or to download our VA Aid & Assistance Self-Help Guide.

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