A 6-year-old smiles over 300 times a day… can you keep up?

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April 17, 2012

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A 6-year-old smiles over 300 times a day… can you keep up?


If you are self-conscious about your smile, people are more likely to think you are unhappy?

Put your best face forward and let the world see the REAL you – get the dental care your smile deserves!

ASA’s Vast Portfolio of Insurance Benefits From Top Carriers Includes Dental

Thanks to the collective buying power of ASA, you have access to affordable, quality dental plans starting at just $29.96 per month.

  • Network of 180,000+ PPO access points for dental care nationwide
  • Immediate dental coverage of major services*
  • Cleanings covered every 6 months
  • Preventative care with NO deductible
  • Increasing annual maximum benefit available to qualifying individuals
  • Fast claims turnaround
  • Prescription savings through Sam’s Club and Walmart pharmacies

Vision plans are also available from only $9.44 per month and include a complimentary annual eye exam, as well as coverage for glasses, frames, corrective lenses and more.

To Learn More and Enroll, Click or Call 877-473-6031.


Phil Kent

Chief Executive Officer

American Seniors Association

P.S. ASA’s unique, "open architecture" approach to member benefits gives you the power to choose from multiple plans and insurers to best meet your specific needs and budget. LEARN MORE

Source: nursingschools.net Health Blog

*Immediately following plan effective date. Plans are not available in AR, LA, ME, NH, NY, NC, OR, or RI. Limitations and exclusions apply.

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